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ΛΟΓΙΣΜΙΚΟ MacOS Insight: the serious setback of Apple

Insight: the serious setback of Apple

The question "which is the most secure desktop operating system" maybe has not the expected answer anymore ...


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The unasked (?) question

Comparing Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS, which is the most secure operating system?

If that question had been asked some years (or months) ago would be rather rhetorical, and many Microsoft’s operating system users would laugh while seeing or hearing this. Of course, the argument was always sound about macOS, ex OSX, market penetration (the hackers were easily attracted to the 90% of the operating computers instead of a tiny 5-7%) and the assumption was common: OSX was the most secure operating system.

The Progress of Microsoft

It is true that Microsoft has learned from such mistakes as Vista and Windows Mobile, and Windows progressed year-by-year in the security area. Meanwhile, extroverted strategies, for instance releasing Office versions for iOS and Android, helped Microsoft to engage large part of the users again.

Today, Microsoft can be proud of Windows 10 and the safety features that has released, compared to at least older versions of its operating system.

Apple is focusing on four operating systems

On the other hand, Apple is dealing with four operating systems (iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS) and relocating resources to its fifth one, carOS. Apple classic moto “with the power of UNIX” sounds good, but it has been proved not being panacea.

Another Apple moto was about focusing on. The company always believed that nobody can simultaneously handle many products or product categories. But, in the era of ecosystems, Apple has to develop and interconnect parallel projects, in the Apple way.

Perhaps above comes at a price. Is Apple currently able to handle four different operating systems? It is not a matter of resources availability, of course. But, judging the situation from KRACK exploit’s “outcome”, Apple is not reallocating resources effectively, or – even worse – safety issues are not among its top priorities.

The serious setback of Apple

Most of us prefer not to talk about what happened on previous days with the WPA2 protocol news. Microsoft took care of its users, and released the patch for Windows, days before the official announcement. In other words, Windows users were safe from the very first second of this threat.

Apple is planning to release the patches for its operating systems “in some weeks”, when the current beta versions will become public. Oh wait… IN SOME WEEKS? Really? What is stopping Apple from releasing the patches immediately? The patch has already addressed the KRACK exploit in the beta versions. It is not the patch in beta mode, but other features of the operating systems.

What is happening?

All big tech companies were aware of the KRACK exploit, a good time before the official announcement. Microsoft took care of its users days before the official announcement.

Days after the announcement, Apple is still planning to release the patches, instead of releasing them immediately to protect customers’ devices and data.

Maybe the dangers of the KRACK exploit exist mainly in theory but the truth is hard to accept: Windows users are safe nowadays while Apple users are not. Additionally, Apple seems not being in a hurry. Apple failed to face the situation and has been defeated at home, the security field.

Having been Apple customer for approximately 13 years, I am just feeling sad. I really do not know what are the reasons for this unbelievable failure. I can do nothing but hope that current situation will prove a sole incident and not a forerunner of worst things in the security area.


This is a liberal translation of the original article in Greek.

Ενεργό μέλος της Apple κοινότητας από το 2003. Λάτρης της τεχνολογίας γενικότερα, υπέρμαχος του ανταγωνισμού και πολέμιος της διαστρέβλωσης της είδησης. Πιστεύω πως η μεταφορά της είδησης και η διατύπωση της γνώμης αποτελούν δύο ξεχωριστά, ανεξάρτητα ζητήματα που βεβαίως μπορούν να συνυπάρχουν. Η τεχνολογία κάνει την καθημερινότητά μας ομορφότερη. Απολαύστε τη.


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